Friday, October 31, 2008

Friends With Low Wages: Come On Employee Free Choice Act!

Step right up folks! Tuesday November 4, 2008 and vote for Barack Obama. There is something brewing in this land that will change the way the largest employer in the country and every other unfair employer treats their workers.

The Walmart greeter may actually become a good job to have!

The Employee Free Choice Act will soon be law! Employers won't be given ample time to hire high priced attorneys to threaten their workers who want to organize.

No longer will Americans be treated and humiliated like the Newburgh Perfume workers!

Just a little fun video for my McCain supporting friends ( very few it who think that this is OK and how corporations should treat American workers.

Change is coming. Obama in 2008


Anonymous said...

Great video Bullhorner, low wages and no benefits from a company that makes Billions. Just doesn't seem fair. Go Obama.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to address the way employers interfere with their employees rights to form a union if they want. The video is true.

doc said...

If I'm not mistaken, the bill also prohibits secret ballots in union elections.
Somehow that just doesn't seem to fit in my idea of how elections should be held.

bullhorner said...

Thats because you are obviously unfamiliar with what actually and routinely occurs between the time the labor board sets the election date and the date of the election on the part of the employer that taints most elections.

Anonymous said...

Doc, its not a secret that employers ruined any chance of having a "free" election. If you are worried about the secret ballot then have the election the DAY AFTER the board agrees there should be one. The month long time spent seeing people fired and your co-workers threatened by labor attorneys is what caused the need for the change.

Otherwise, a petition signed by a majority of the employees to form a union should be good enough.