Thursday, October 2, 2008

Show Me The Money! We've Been Saying That For A Year Now!

Nothing like an election year to bring more people out into the fray. The Industrial Development Agency free-money give away that has been going on FOR YEARS and right under the publics nose, has finally come to light. The dismal and embarrassing record of the Ulster IDA has been an active subject in the halls of labor for many, many moons now and FINALLY, the rest of the county has awoken from their slumber. Ours is not a political vendetta, our concern is based on more than just electioneering. Our concern is based on results. JOBS for people. REAL PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM BAD. Unfortunately, there have been none.

It is evident that "Hot air" - not solar, is the most renewable energy source in Ulster. That's what we get instead of results from the job creation "business". And that's just what it is, a business. Lance makes a great living, March makes her connections and the little people make squat. We have millionaires coming to the IDA board with their hands out and getting millions back for NOTHING.

And don't BS us and try to explain that it's not really money - that's a pure crock of crap. IT IS MONEY - AND A TON OF IT! People come to that board and they walk out with a monetary GAIN. And don't have to do a thing for it but show up to the meeting. It all comes from and out of the taxpayers pockets - YOU CAN SLICE IT ANYWAY YOU WANT - it's money.

The IDA and their board members - past and present - didn't give a crap about anything but gladhanding the parade of high class welfare recipients and it was to hell with REALLY creating ANY jobs. And ask for them to set some sort of standards for those jobs and our board - the ones who are charged with promoting the economic well being of Ulster residents scream that they can't do that or we will scare the the ones with their hands out and full of no promises - away.

They don't even check back later to see what happened. They just move on to the next one.

Don't believe it? Let's lay the record on the table - money spent vs jobs created - and it will hit you right between the eyes. You can start with the hundreds of construction jobs lost to our residents and move on from there. Are you listening Paul Kirby? What a Sunday Paper story that would be.


Anonymous said...

Well said. It's about time people started paying closer attention to what happens out there. This is a crying shame. I want an investigation too!

Anonymous said...

They need to put at least three normal working people on the board and kick some of the people who never worked for a living by breaking a sweat off it.

And don't count that Berardinelli or whatever the hell his name is, he's a person who fumbles around and can't make a stand on anything.

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Full disclosure is what we need. We ought to understand and hear from our [Ulster County] IDA and from our UCDC what their goals for job creation is - for the next year, two years and five years.

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I can smell a boycott of Blabers blog. This one is much more informative and REAL than that stupid UNBALANCED electronic rag.

I'm sticking with you Hudson Valley Labor Report! His is the same old regurgitated crap anyway.

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....and a self imposed boycott at

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The IDA gives away Millions of our money with NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Its not just Bernardo doing it.

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Noe you have to have an account to go on Blubber's blog. See ya JB.