Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Emperor Has No Clothes! Dutchess Legislators Override Steinhaus Veto 18-7!

The Emperor - William "Boss Hog" Steinhaus

The Dutchess County Legislature voted 18-7 tonight to override County Executive William Steinhaus’ veto of a law that requires licensing for electrical contractors. The vote overcame much political arm twisting by the man known to many as "Boss Hog", Bill Steinhaus.

Notoriously anti-union, paranoid and dictator-like, Steinhaus was shown what true democracy really is with the passing of this law despite his threats to those in his OWN party. Hudson Valley Labor report has a copy of a letter written by none other than Boss Hog himself to a pro-license legislator threatening retribution for going against party lines.

Steinhaus is the stereotypical old, crabby, back biting, controlling politician that the people have grown to dispise so much.

He is a direct example of what is wrong with our government today. I am sure that when news spreads of this threatening letter it will haunt author Bill Steinhaus for a long time to come. His punch drunk power trip is coming to an end.

It reminded me of when the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz started melting and the munchkins all came out to see it. The whole crowd cheered!

Boss Hog learned the hard way today that the people are tired of the partisan politics he plays and they want action from their leaders, not game playing.

The winners here are the people of Dutchess County who will be guaranteed that the electricians they hire will be qualified, carry insurance, have all of their work inspected, safe legitimate businessmen who can be matched to every job they do.

Rip people off, no more license. Do unsafe things, no more license. Perfect!

Great job to the 18 who voted yes to protect the consumers! To the other 7 who voted no........ you sold out your people so Bill Steinhaus wouldn't punish you.....

........real leaders lead, worthless sheep follow!



Anonymous said...

18 legislators in Dutchess have a brain. next stop Ulster Co.

Anonymous said...

So now this means that the under the table electricians who do crappy work can only work in Ulster County. That makes me feel real good. Where are our legislators on this?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the 18 legislators who took a stand for the people of Dutchess. You served your constituents well.You live by the motto "protect and serve".You protected the people who elected you to office from fly-by night electricians who perform shady work. To the 7 followers voting against you did a disservice to the people. We will remember in November.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Labor report, expose all of these people in office who think they are kings and queens. I am in full agreement of being tired of them only worrying about their kingdoms and not the people who elect them.

The witch part made me spit out my drink.

Anonymous said...

So we are last to get the jobs and now we are last to get licensed. I think we ARE first in unemployment rate though.

Be happy though 150k a year Lance just brought in 6 office jobs in Kingston lol

Dump his stupid ass!

Anonymous said...

Great victory bullhorner. Public safety win out over politics. Bring your fight to Ulster County we have a lot of support for it here too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up labor report on the passing in Dutchess county in favor of licensing electricians. Hopefully Ulster County sees the light as well. You have friends across the river in the labor community. We will do what we gotta do.

Metal-Cutter said...

Congratulations to the 18 Dutchess legislators who had the guts to do the right thing and override Emperor Steinhaus.. Now the good people of Dutchess County should ride the Emperor and the Un-Magnificent 7 who supported him right out of office..

Ulster County legislators your up, it is now up to you to do the same to protect me and my family and the rest of the good people of Ulster County..