Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steinhaus: Boss Hog Plays Foolish Politics Over Dutchess County Residents Safety

Licensing those who do electrical work just makes good sense. Ask New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Greene counties. (All of which surround Dutchess County and protect their residents by requiring electrical contractors to have licenses)

Of course though, if you are Dutchess County Executive Bill Steinhaus - mudslinging and playing politics over ensuring the safety of your residents is your favorite, personal little game. No matter who it hurts! Even his own citizens!

Just smear reality with phoney claims of favoritism and insist that it will cost too much and you can APPEAR to be making a sound decision. By the way, the license costs a contractor $350 dollars a year - which is about the cost of two spools of wire spread over the course of that year! What a phoney "leader" he really is.


It's time for Steinhaus to get off his dictators podium and come back to reality and do his job. But it is obviously too late for THAT, he's too far gone. Bill Steinhaus is punch drunk WITH POWER AND OUT OF TOUCH with what is truly right for Dutchess County families.

The first parent who loses a child to an electrical fire in Dutchess County can thank Bill Steinhaus for putting politics over people.



Anonymous said...

When is Boss Hog up for election because it is time for CHANGE in Dutchess as much as it is in Washington? What a fool he is!

Anonymous said...

Hey Boss Hog do the right thing. Don't play politics.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this man cannot see the benefit of making sure that people who wire homes in our area are legitimate and knowledgeable. I hope the legislators stick to their guns on this one.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Ulster County on your list. ???

bullhorner said...

That is correct. Ulster County has no requirement for licensing electricians either.

From Ellenville to Port Ewen to Wawarsing to Marlboro and all points within excluding the city of Kingston - IN ULSTER ANYONE CAN WIRE ANY BUSINESS OR HOME - NO EXPERIENCE NECCESSARY!

After the license passes in Dutchess next Thursday night... Ulster WILL be the ONLY COUNTY LEFT IN THE HUDSON VALLEY where the uneducated, unlicensed and uninsured electrical "contractors" can work and play!

The Ulster Legislators need to play a little catch up and move to address this issue.

It has been presnted to them but they haven't been exactly running to really start the process.

They should get that done NO MATTER WHAT DUTCHESS DOES.


Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Just read the Sunday Poughkeepsie electrical fire in the village if Fishkill last night

FISHKILL – A faulty light fixture caused a two-alarm fire that gutted an office building on Main Street Saturday night according to Fishkill fire officials.

Lucky it started at night and not when the building was full of people huh? Sloppy electrical connections cause fires.

I wonder if Boss Hog read the paper today and feels good about playing politics with peoples lives?

Anonymous said...

As always, there is an underlying reason you are bent on licensing laws. You may state safety, and it probably appears somewhere on the 'list'. Like the way TFAC used 'labor' as the reason to ban smoking in bars. There is the public reasons, and then there are the real reasons. Please tell. Who makes the money on licensing? Who benefits (besides the 'homeowner')?

bullhorner said...

Who benefits besides the homeowner? Whoever hires an electrician to work in their building. If there is an issue, they have a recourse. As for making money, nobody makes money and its not a money thing - it is a consumer thing. Did you watch the "Armed Consumer" video?

If you need that explained, you have issues I can't help with.

bullhorner said...

You must be a McCain supporter - nothing that makes sense has a chance at cranial penetration.

Anonymous said...

What are you nuts. THE HOMEOWNER BENEFITS. That means ME. I benefit and I don't give a rats ass who else benefits. I sleep at night knowing my wiring was done by a licensed electricion.

No Fair to Labor said...

I'll tell you who benefit. The electricians who get their licenses. No longer can any old joe who knows a thing or two about electricity, can take food out of the mouths of unionized electricians. Am I wrong?

It is always about the money. When that truth penetrates YOUR cranium, you will be wiser to the world.

Anonymous said...

what about the home owner insurance? What about eletricial inspections? What about electricial codes? One loss due to improper /faultuy wiring is to many. Wake up people ,call this horse ass county ex.As taxpayers you have the right to voice your opinion its your right.If enough of us call maybe he'll get the hint.

gatekeeper said...

Call and clogg the phone lines of the county ex. let this ass see that we all support this bill.This is a step in the right direction for Dutchess and long over due. Why does there have to be and underlying reason. We expect quality work thats what we pay for.All you idiots who use bargain basement electricians ,sleep tight you get what you pay for.

bullhorner said...

Can you believe that Boss Hog vetoed the law on October 8 and as of October 13 - within 5 DAYS of the veto - there were TWO electrical fires in Dutchess County!!!! Unbelievable but absolutely true!!

Check todays Freeman online(10-13-08)- A house in Tivoli burns.

Check out Sundays Poughkeepsie Journal online(10-12-08) - a business in the Village of Fishkill

Both electrical fires - both gutted. Both heavy costs the owners.

With a license, we know full well who wired it.

Without a license, you may not know.

With a license you can take it away from Reckless Electric Inc.

Without a license, Reckless Electric Inc. can cause unlimited amounts of fires with no recourse.

Maybe Bill Steinhaus wants to see someones kid all charred up before he stops playing politics over safety.

And don't think that this can't happen - it can. I will personally hang it on his head like no tomorrow if it does AND I'LL HAVE TONS OF COMPANY.

Boss Hog you are a disgrace.

You get what you pay for said...

If you want quality, then PAY FOR QUALITY. If you want cheap, and wish to gamble, then gamble. Dumbasses.